Guidance, Tailored to You.

Through personalized coaching you will receive guidance on the kinds of materials that amplify frequencies to support harmony and balance aligned with your self-expression.

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Guidance to create personal harmony.

The goal of guidance provided by Wallabees Attic is focused on how materials used in jewelery and accessories can be applied to create personal harmony by balancing the energetic field of the wearer. The properties of different gems, stones, metals, and other materials has been found to support and promote feelings of wellness, personal calmness, and to amplify frequencies related to the Auric field. It is our position that each person will experience benefits in unique ways, which is why we offer guidance using a simple hourly price, with no obligation to purchase any physical products unless one so desires. Our only goal is to help those who are seeking greater awareness about how to strengthen and improve feelings of harmony and balance through wise and informed selection of materials used in wearable art and jewelry.